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Architectural and Design Inspirators

* Research two significant pieces of Architecture that you are interested in. Find drawings, sketches posters, models etc. relating to you chosen buildings and post all information to your blog.

* Write 100 words on each building commenting on the visual styles used to represent the architecture.


Whale Beach House - Alex Popov

Australian architect Alex Popov takes on a traditional approach to representing his ideas about his designs and architecture. In my opinion the drawings give a more personal and expressive approach to his explanations of how his buildings work. With the arrows pointing demonstrating the circulation of air, light and living etc Alex translates to his clients what it feel like in that space as opposed to what it would look like. The rough sketching alludes to the idea that the design was about feeling and experiencing. And the fact that the house lies beside the beach helps to form a person’s imagination. He also creatively demonstrates how the building works without actually showing how it works.

Source: Alex Popov


Longlands Mill - Space Craft Architects

In 2007-2008 Space Craft Architects developed Longlands Mill in Cheshire, England to house apartments, offices, studios and shops. And whilst comparatively to Alex Popov’s style, this architectural team presented a more visually appealing display of visualisations. It is evident that they were very skilled in computer design and thus provided computer simulated environments to express their design. These images help the architects explain the relationship of the building to people and how they interact to it. In doing so, they virtually build the design to give a near to real expectation of the design. In this sense, I find this technique very effective especially in attracting prospective buyers and investors for the project, but feel that the concept of hand drawn sketches adds style and character – hence should never be erased.


From studying these two architects, I have learnt that there is no one way of expressing an idea or design. In most cases there will be a better way compared to another, in others multiple avenues to representation must be explored. I hope that this course can guide me through making the correct decisions for interpreting various ideas in a range of situations.

Laser Cutter Template

Failed Laser Cutter file (unused file)

Laser Cutter file

Monday, August 24, 2009

A2 Draft Poster Development 2

Clearly this version is a variation of my previous design, where in this one aimed to imitate a childrens picture dictionary page for the letter P. Therefore, in doing this, I have attempted to follow a traditional dictionary style template. Beneath the P for Plackus, is a symbol for noun with a simple definition of the what a plackus is. beside the text would be a large image of what a plackus looks like. Underneath that section I wanted to place a section for my laser cutting which would graphically explain its habitat - the laser cutting image includes the plackus in its environment. Under the laser cutting section, if space allowed, I wanted to put three developed 3ds models of the habitat.

Laser cutting: Plackus hut - red, Plackus outline - red

Monday, August 17, 2009

Further Research and Background of Plackus

Species: Ornithorhynchus platanatinus
Type: Platypus/Duck
Appetite: Small fish and water habitant insects
Habitat: near shallow water, generally river banks
Lifestyle: Plackii dig burrows to live in . Male plackii build reed canopies above its burrow to attract a mate.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chosing Final Habitat (Sketching)

After brainstorming and discussing with my tutor and peers, I have decided to further develop my plackus habitat and produce my final poster based on it.
The following diagrams represent my more final design of plackii habitat.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Conceptual Drawings

In developing my model through sketches and sketchup I have been brainstorming ideas with various peers. The following images demonstrate ideas brought forward by them.

Initial brainstorming came from Wilson:

After making my first draft sketchup model, Brian discussed ideas of adding particular landscapes such as mountains and rockeries, as well as more flora.

It is from this collection of opinion and through discussion that I have come to the conclusion of the habitat for my plackus

Playing with BuildAR

note: All images are best viewed when clicked

Plackus Environment
Plackus hut
Blue Box
Dirt Pumpkin book

Draft Habitat (SketchUp): Dirt Pumpkin

Available from:

Draft Habitat (SketchUp): Plackus

Draft Sketchings

Plackus -

Dirt Pumpkin -

Sectional Drawings

Plackus Environment

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