Saturday, September 5, 2009

Poster Complications

Final Presentation complications:

After printing and receiving my laser cutting pieces, I found myself unpleasantly disappointed by the turn out. Some of the many complications that had arose included:
- the incorrect cutting of my laser piece (where box board was to be manipulated to form a 3d model of the plackus canopy)
- printing scaled the pdf too small giving it a 1cm wide border around it
- colours used in printing did not come up as brightly as I had expected from viewing on the computer screen
- purchased glue for mounting acrylic layers on my poster were unsuitable, thus resulted in the use of super glue which left white remnants on the pieces.
- laser cutting pieces also did not match the printing; assumed to be related to the scaled printing issue.

Pre-printing complications:

Issues regarding my poster design included:
- small range of image options, hence poor image choice
- inability to successfully produce the required plan and sectional images onto poster without destroying the rest of the composition
- placement of text after complications with image placement

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