Saturday, September 26, 2009

More Gerhy Research (Personal Notes)

1 - Frank Gehry tended to create warped version of traditional architecture (eg. Dancing House).
2 - He liked to create contrasts via juxtaposition
3 - Re-known as a pioneer of deconstructionalism and abstraction architecture.
4 - Inspired by fish, in particularly its form (such as Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (1997), Walt Disney Concert Hall (2003), Vila Olympica in Barcelona, Lewis House in Lyndhurst, Ohio (1989-1995), Fish Dance Restaurant (1986-1987))
5 - Known to take random objects; big or small, and turn them into habitable architecture (such as Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation, a new museum for Modern Art in Paris)
6 - Communicated his ideas through initial sketches, developing sketches, 3D models and eventually Computer simulated graphics. Sketches being his most prominent design tool.
7 - Gehry's Vitra Museum was designed to display and house collections of various items of varying materials and of different eras.
8 - Gehry's Vitra Design Musuem is one of many buildings at the Vitra Museum grounds. Separate buildings have also been designed by Alvaro Siza, Nicholas Grimshaw, Tadao Ando and Zaha Hadid at the Museum.

1 - Personal observation
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