Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Concept Development: Recreational Waterhouse

Further Development on Leisure Center concept to Recreational Waterhouse concept
In conjunction with my tutors help, I have further developed my concept so that it no longer serves as an all rounder leisure center, but instead focuses on only one aspect of my original leisure center. The swimming pool will now be the central inspiration for my new development. The entire current Vitra Design Museum will be filled with water so that it functions like an indoor pool or like the bathes in Bath, where the space can be explored by swimming to various areas of the building.

150 words describing my envision

Drawing in inspiration from locations and concepts such as the bathes in Bath, Hearst castle’s indoor pool, and with my tutor’s help, a glass of water, I have come to a conclusion on my final envision for the current Vitra Design Museum. Like traditional swimming pool, I intend to fill the entire Vitra Design Museum with water so that the entire space does not house a swimming pool, but is in fact a swimming pool. In order to experience the space, a person must swim through the building as opposed to walking. Logically, the design will include change rooms. Architecturally, the exterior structure will remain as it is, however the interior will see additions such as geometrical solids and elevations randomly placed throughout, as well as ladders and holes to travel between rooms. The geographical location of my envisioned recreational waterhouse would remain the same – in Germany. I also intend to emulate the material choice of Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim museum, i.e. steel, glass, concrete etc. Other architectural precedents for my envision include, the vertebrae sculpture for structure, Guadalajara Library for its creative use of cylinders, Roma Mitchell Commonwealth Law Courts for contrasting of materials etc. As I have made numerous concept changes, I also intend to implement similar ideas from my initial envisions. Such as including concepts of transparency and lighting in my church concept, and scaling the building up in my leisure center concept.

Site context - Current
Structural changes - Internal additions, Scaling, none to external structure
Function - Recreational Waterhouse
Materiality - like Guggenheim, variations of either, glass, concrete, steel, limestone and titaium; most likely glass, concrete and steel (external). Also, ceramic tiles, glass, concrete (internal).

The below image is a montage of my water concept

Image captions and sources:

note: this concept montage is in conjunction with the initial leisure center inspirational montage

A3 Inspirational Montage

The file can also be downloaded from:

The above montage summarises the structural, materialistic and conceptual ideals for my envision


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