Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 9 Studio Task - Exploring Interpretation for the Vitra Church

My interpretation of the current design in relation to a church is that each piece attached to the roofing represents a part of a fish, which combined makes a whole fish (relative to Gehry’s fascination with fish formation). For a church, I believe reference to fish is highly relevant because of its great reference in the bible.

Also, much like society and each individual’s views, the deconstructive-styled pieces and their placement symbolise the incoherency and lack of meaning things when seen alone; however when seen as a whole, the pieces appear combined in way that all the pieces make up one formation (i.e. a fish), and which in turn translates religious connotations of indirect harmony and combining into one.

- - -

Further interpreting the building:

The Main entrance roofing and its connected formation make up with tail fins of the fish. The curved end adjoining the entrance makes up the body (tail) of the fish. And the two angled roof formations represent the gills. The rectangular base with the cross roofing is the main area of the church and is what holds all the pieces together – it also represents the relationship to the fish, thus setting an example to followers.

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