Friday, September 25, 2009

Expressing Ideas for the VDM Church

The concept I had for redesigning the Vitra Design Museum was to transform the function of the building into a white-washed concrete church. I intend to continue with the already developed design by Gehry, only to add to his style and to recreate function and interpretation. The idea of a church streamed from the cross shaped glass roofing along with the sense of purity in the white walls.

Being a church, I found it highly relevant to continue on with Gehry's intuitive direction of fish form inspiration and design - with the various meanings and connotations of fish in the Christian religion.

With the triangular roofing, I intend to curve into the shape of a head, following in Gehry’s footsteps of cutting up a fish (such as Frank Gehry's Fish sculpture in Barcelona). Whilst for the spiralling staircase, I would most probably emit that from the building and recycle it as my base inspiration for context. I intend to make it a single story with possible inclusions of internal balconies, opening it up to more flexibilty within space.

For the context of this church, as most of the design aspects are on the roofing, I would locate it on the edge of a green hillside with a spiralling road down to the main entrance of the church. This also provides a more natural feel to the crisp white exterior.

In terms of additions to the design, the most obvious is a cross just above the main entrance. I also, if time permits and skills allow, would like to make the square entrance incorporate water, giving it a sense of fluidity at first. If not a waterfall like edging, then pond like environment - to follow on with gehry's attempts to express fish and being fish-like. It also doubles up as a purification before entering the church.

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