Friday, September 25, 2009

Brainstorming possible re-envisions for the Vitra Design Museum

CONCEPT ONE: Vitra's Skaters Design Museum

Site context -
Cityscape (surrounded by tall block like structures)
Structural changes -
Enhance curvatures on roof planes as opposed to flat surfaces.
Installation of railings.

Function -
Roof becomes a skate park, with the museum underneath and underground
Materiality -
Concrete and steel, roof - fiberglass over plywood


Site context -
Suburban environment
Structural changes -
Placement of cross on the top of entrance roofing (square awning).
Cross-shaped glass roofing allows for majority of light source, directly above altar (also moved back into the structure).
Deletion of particular wall structures to allow of open plan space.
Door shaped in a shape inspired by fish
More Windows (maybe inspired by fish)

Function -
Place of worship
Space for chapel and church storage room

Materiality -
Same as current

After exporing my options and researching, I have decided to further develop my church concept

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